Preparation is Important Part of Triathlon Success

Arlington, Virginia, resident William Allen Kennedy leads and provides strategic guidance for Kennedy Technical Consulting Services, LLC. In addition, William “Bill” A. Kennedy is an avid triathlete, and when he is not in the office, he spends much of his time training for or competing in these races.

A triathlon is a race run in three stages, most typically running, cycling, and swimming. Triathlons vary in distance, and the Ironman Triathlon is the longest standard distance. The Ironman’s 140.6 miles consists of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2-mile run. Most people compete at shorter distances, such as the half Ironman, where each leg is exactly half the distance.

A triathlon is a grueling athletic event that pushes participants to the limits of their endurance. Proper training is crucial, both to avoid potentially serious injury and also to give triathletes a reasonable expectation of finishing the course. Even the shortest triathlon distances will generally take a trained triathlete an hour or more to complete, during which there is no relaxing or resting. Training for a triathlon generally takes place in phases, gradually increasing in length and intensity. After the race has been run, triathletes should take a break from training to rest and recover before preparing for the next event.