Tips for Finding a Good Fit When Cycling in a Triathlon

Over the course of his career, Bill Kennedy has built a reputation for successful business development in Arlington, Virginia, most recently with his new company, Kennedy Technical Consulting Services, LLC. Outside of the office, Bill Kennedy is an accomplished triathlete in the Arlington area.

There are several ways to get the most out of your cycling experience. Even though bicycles are now adjustable in almost every way, you should not over-emphasize comfort. Bear in mind that no matter how you try to feel good on your machine, you will feel some pain from sore muscles.

This also applies to saddles. The perfect fit does not exist. Find one that feels good most of the time. This may mean finding a hard saddle that fits well, rather than a softer one that may prove to be uncomfortable over time.

Be careful with your positioning. Placing yourself lower than the handlebars may improve your aerodynamics, but don’t go so low that you can’t stay in that position and then run your best afterward.