Gore Orphanage – The Movie

If you are from the Lorain County, Ohio area, you are likely well acquainted with the urban legend of the Gore Orphanage in Birmingham Township, near Mill Hollow. People visiting the site at night have heard the screams of children ghosts from the Gore Orphanage. Last year, Cody Knotts, an Executive Producer, and his wife, Emily Lapisardi, a historical actress and Director of this movie, passed Gore Orphanage road while driving to Detroit. The name intrigued them enough to do some research and that’s where they discovered the urban legend surrounding the orphanage. Thus, the horror movie “Gore Orphanage” was born.

The movie, “Gore Orphanage” is based on the haunted site and “…is a period piece that is more about the mood than overt gore…” according to a recent article in the Lorain Morning Journal. The movie is set in 1934 and will follow a young girl named Nellie, who is sent to the Gore Orphanage following the death of her family. She makes friends of Esther and Buddy, but the trio also must deal with Mrs. Pryor, the keeper of the orphanage. Actress Maria Olsen, who has appeared in “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief,” plays Mrs. Pryor. Olsen described the character as very lonely and trying to figure out what is wrong with her life as she takes her frustration out on the children. The movie was filmed almost entirely at the Scottdale home known as Graystone Manor outside Pittsburgh.

If you are interested in learning more about the movie, there is a “Gore Orphanage” Facebook page that gives you details on the movie. On the page, you can view the first trailer, order a “Gore Orphanage” t-shirt, and/or pre-order the movie on Blu-Ray/DVD. With your Blu-Ray/DVD order, you will receive a free ticket to the Sandusky/Lorain premiere. You will also learn that the movie recently won the “Most Anticipated Film of 2015″ at the Horror Society’s annual ceremony in February.


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