The Commonalities of System Development Life Cycles

Bill Kennedy, based out of Arlington, Virginia, offers clients considerable experience in business development and project management. In addition to the strategic guidance he provides his company, Kennedy Technical Consulting Services, LLC, Bill Kennedy has years of experience with various applications of system development life cycles (SDLC). Several versions of SDLC exist, but they have a few things in common. From a proposal to a completed project those commonalities include: – Assessment of the existing system – Users and consultants identify the system’s shortcomings. This helps define the outlines of the new system. – New system design – Developers take into account issues of security, operating systems, and physical requirements. – Development – After installation of new programming, users try out the new software and hardware, noting where changes are necessary. – Going operational – This can take place by phasing in the new system. Alternatively, it is sometimes less costly to activate the new system all at once. – Thorough evaluation – Full and complete maintenance is crucial. Users should remain current on the latest changes.


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